Once upon a time founded by a young guy with a passion for jackets  and a drive for rock & roll, almost 40 years ago…

Now, GIACOMO THE JACKET has grown into a reliable women’s outerwear brand that brings high quality, fashionable coats and jackets with a perfect fit for an accessible price.
GIACOMO THE JACKET is known for its contemporary style and it’s young-at-heart spirit. All styles are made with craftmanship and an obsessive attention to detailing, fit and comfort. 

It’s a funny story how the name of the brand came about… Eddy, the founder of Giacomo the Jacket, was traveling. He had a memorable night in a restaurant named “Giacomo” in Milan. 
Intrigued by that name he asked the owner if there was a story behind it. It was named after “Giacomo Casanova” , born in Venice around 1725 , and known for his elaborated affairs with women. Well, the rest is history and as a matter of fact not much has changed! Because in a way Giacomo the Jacket still has elaborated affaires with women. We want them to look beautiful and stylish in the most comfortable way!

Winter collections consist out of a range of imitation furs, teddy’s and wool qualities next to durable protective rainwear – and modern down-look jackets.

Black Label is the premium line, which offers a more luxury apparel.

Named after “Giacomo Casanova” , born in Venice around 1725.

– Giacomo the Jacket

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